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Monday – Friday: 8 am to 5 pm
Weekends and after 5 by appointment

All Star K-9 Specialty Training Programs

Jump Start Boot Camps
Get him, her, and your family off to the right start with our one, two, three or four week boot camp programs! Free 1 hour evaluation prior to start date.  For $95.00 a day, which includes the $25.00 a day boarding fee, your dog will receive one on one, individualized,  Pro dog training for only $70.00 a day.   Dogs go home with family on the weekends for in-home training.
Typical Daily Schedule
7-9 am: Wow, off to a great start with a bathroom break, a made- to- order breakfast, and time to exercise my paws and jaws.
 9 - 10 am: Rain or shine I am on a nice walk down the beautiful lane stopping now and then to check out Jasper the horse.
10 - 11 am: Time to go to school! Two to three 10 -15 minute fast pace and upbeat sessions focused on my individual needs.
11 - 12 noon: More school - will Jason ever give me break? Two to three more 10 -15 minute sessions.
12 - 1 pm:  Jason read my mind, it’s cool down time. One or two more 10 minute sessions, another walk, and time to absorb and reflect on the new skills I learned.
1 - 2 pm: Made to order lunch with a little siesta.
2 - 3 pm: Bathroom and play time with balls, Frisbees, Kongs, and more.....
3 - 4 pm: Back to school. Two to three 10 -15 minute fast paced and upbeat sessions focused on my individual needs.
4 - 6 pm: Cool, the young trainers have just arrived! Dogs that are ready will be working with kids.
6 - 7 pm: Break for me while Jason eats dinner with his family. Dogs working on table manners will join them at the table for prayer.
7 - 8 pm:  Time for night school. Two 10 minutes sessions to review all material learned during the day.
8 - 9 pm: Made to order dinner with a little treat on the side
9-10 pm: Wow, the day has gone by so fast. Last chance to go to the bathroom and burn off any energy I have left.
10 - 12 midnight: Shhhhhh..... doggies are dreaming or watching Air Bud.
12 midnight to 7 am: Great, the midnight shift has just arrived. I could use another bathroom break and a human hug.

Boot Camp Training Objectives
The ultimate objective of our boot camps is to meet the needs of everyone in the family. From day one we will sit down and discuss the family members’ individual needs to better access what type of training will turn your pet into a true and beloved member of the family. For example, dad might dislike it when Fido jumps up on him when he walks through the door, mom may be bothered when Fido steals food off the counter when she is making dinner, and daughter Katie has a problem when Fido nips at her toes when she is putting on her shoes. Our boot camp programs are designed to target individual needs and issues. Our boot camps are not designed to teach pets AKC obedience routines or to expose your pet to cookie cutter lessons which use uncertified methods.

If you are fed up with putting your trash up on the counter before you go to bed, tired of locking your dog in the laundry room when you have company, or sick of yelling your dog’s name 50 times a day, then enroll them in an All Star K-9 boot camp.

After completing our boot camp programs your dog will be able to be part of your child's birthday party without eating the kids or the cake!   

Common Issues We Address
  • Jumping
  • Biting
  • Pulling
  • Digging
  • Chewing
  • Stealing food
  • Sitting
  • Staying
  • Downs
  • Walking on a leash
  • Coming
  • Recall
  • Off
  • Drop it
  • Potty training
  • Peeing in specific areas of the house
  • Couch aggression
  • Bed aggression
  • Food aggression
  • Bullying
  • Mounting
  • Bolting
  • Running off
  • Chasing cats
  • Chasing other dogs
  • Chasing other people
  • Chasing cars
  • Chasing chickens
  • Eating doors
  • Stealing trash
  • Eating socks
  • Nipping at heals

And the list goes on and on and on ........which is why Jason gives the free 1 hour evaluation before training begins.
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